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Covid-19 mask stats

UK Covid-19 Stats

Just over 9 million UK workers were furloughed during the April to July COVID-19 pandemic period. Those who could work from home got used to the new normal of video call dominated client & co-worker interactions! The return to work for furloughed staff is presenting many challenges for all types of service and manufacturing companies; e.g. establishing 1m+ social distancing regimes, face mask/covering policies and supplies, hand washing & sanitiser hygiene facilities, directional signage to name just a few. 

Consumer mobility trends

Source: Data from Goodstuff OOH Ad Agency July 2020
Consumer & commuter mobility trends show that Brits from all parts of the UK have been taking advantage of their daily exercise allowance during lockdown and visits to recreational outdoor locations has seen steady growth as have some retail centres.

Face Mask Wearing Trend Data

The UK lags behind all countries other than Australia & Scandinavia in the uptake of face mask protection. Recent UK legislation announced requires the wearing of face masks/coverings on all public transport and in all retail environments.

PPE supply chain has been erratic especially from the international markets dominated by China. The UK supply chain has only recently stabilised due to entrants such as Medex Scientific’s investment in ‘Made in the UK’ manufacturing capacities.

As the UK steps into reduced risk level stage 3 and with the hospitality and non-essential retail sectors beginning to open up, protective face and hand covering measures will become key safety factors as society increases social & workplace interactions. As we all try to be safe whilst returning to work to get the economy back to normal.